The Bugatti Chiron's Selection of Colours... Kind of

You’ve seen it last week, the brand-new Bugatti Chiron has been catching a lot of attention from both car enthusiasts and the general public.

Here is why. With 1500 horsepower on tap, and a higher-performance likely in the cards, the Chiron can reach a top speed of 420 km/h, that speed being electronically limited. A bunch of engineers have theorized that the car could reach 463 km/h, a speed that Bugatti doesn't want you to experience for safety reasons, mainly because of the tires which might burst at this point.

In terms of luxury refinement, the Chiron is undeniably among the best, rivalizing brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

That being said, Bugatti just released the colours you will be able to choose from in order to cover the car's carbon-fibre body with. Well, that’s not entirely true, since every Chiron is unique, Bugatti delivering them as per customer specifications.

Still, the pictures attached to this article will give you a good example of what can be achieved, with six colour combination suggestions.

Note the tinted carbon fibre on some versions!

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