WardsAuto Announce 10 Best Engines Of 2016

Each year, WardsAuto compiles its list of 10 significant engines; the 2016 selection has just been unveiled.

To be part of the candidates, there were a few criteria: the engine had to be new or significantly improved for 2016 OR have received a nomination from WardsAuto last year. The vehicle in which the engine sits couldn’t be priced at more than $61,000 USD.

The criteria are not scientific: each editor noted the contestant on various aspects (power, noise reduction, new technologies…), the data is only gathered during normal driving, and no instrumented tests were conducted.

Finally, you can see that this list doesn’t include any vehicles from the Volkswagen’s empire: in light of the recent dieselgate, the brand was excluded from participating.

Here are the 10 Best Engines Of 2016, according to WardsAuto:

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