Two New BMW Art Cars Are On The Way

BMW’s Art Cars have been part of the automotive world’s lore since 1975. No less than 17 unique cars were covered in unique designs by some well-known artists: from Andy Warhol to Jeff Koon, each of them were responsible for a design. The tradition started when artist Alexander Calder was asked by a friend of his to come up with a livery for his 3.0 CSL; today’s Art Cars are used as a means to promote the brand.

For the next Art Car, we will actually get a two-for-one deal: a pair of M6 GT3 models will be used as a canvas.

The first one will be painted by John Balderassi. The 84-year-old artist will become the oldest painter to be part of the Art Car program; his work has been on display throughout California for the last six decades.

The second M6 GT3 will be the work of Cao Fei, a painter from Guangzhou, China. Ironically, she is the youngest artist to paint on one of BMW’s storied Art Cars, at 38 years old.

Both artists will have a year to work on their project. After that, they will be presented in a museum… but we hope these cars will be used where they should be… on a track.

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