A Pair Of Mazda MX-5s For SEMA

The very-first Mazda MX-5 (which was known as the Miata back then) took its inspiration from classic English roadsters... but in a more reliable package. Over the years, the car became bigger and more powerful, but 2016 brought a smaller and lighter MX-5, bringing it closer to its roots.

To celebrate the most recent iteration of its roadster, Mazda brought a pair of them to this year's SEMA Show... properly modified, of course.

The MX-5 Spyder (the one painted grey in the above picture) differs from the production version by having its foldable top replaced by a bikini top (which is a top that you have to stretch over the vehicle manually, instead of just unfolding it on hinges) like the one introduced on the Porsche Boxster Spyder a few years ago. The car also sports ADVAN Racing RS II wheels shod in Yokohama tires, Brembo brakes, an aerodynamic body kit, an adjustable suspension system and a leather interior. The Spyder weighs only 1,043 kg.

There is also the Speedster. Even lighter than the Spyder, it has no windshield, only a small deflector. Its K&W shocks lower it by 30mm, and it sits on Kumho tires mounted on 16-inch RAYS wheels. With all these modifications, plus a set of carbon fibre doors and a focused interior, the Speedster weighs only 943 kg!

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