Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo: Gen Z's Autonomous Van

At the Tokyo Motor Show, manufacturers frequently launch very high-tech concepts; most of them would be considered too weird for any other auto show.

As proof, here is the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept. This big egg-shaped car has been built to integrate lots of cutting-edge tech for autonomous driving.

Designed to be popular with Generation Z –who live in urban centres and are fans of the latest computer technologies– the Vision Tokyo can be seen as a mobile lounge on wheels. Passengers sit in a U-shaped couch and use holographic projectors to access the car’s systems. Just like the F 015 Luxury in Motion, every interior panel is turned into a digital screen.

The Vision Tokyo is obviously designed to drive itself, but a steering wheel can be extended and will sit in the centre of the dash in case you want to take control yourself. When you don’t need it anymore, it simply folds away.

Underneath it all, the Vision Tokyo features a hydrogen fuel-cell and a wirelessly-charged battery. The concept supposedly has a total range of 980 km, 180 of those coming exclusively from the electric drivetrain.

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