The Average Price Of A New Vehicle

Each year, the DesRosiers firm compiles a large amount of data on vehicle sales throughout the country; after analyzing that data, it can provide a pretty accurate statement about the health of the automotive industry.

The most recent data shows the average price paid for a new vehicle in Canada. On average we paid $27,563 for a 2015 model-year car; for a truck (including light, medium and heavy-duty) the amount is higher, at $40,001.

This is a 1.4% rise compared to last year’s average car price, and 1% for trucks.

According to DesRosiers, these results are interesting because despite the fact that cars are better-equipped than ever, prices don’t vary much.

2015 will also be interesting to follow; the value of the Canadian dollar has dropped, which means that every company that imports goods has a smaller margin of profit, including car manufacturers.

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