E-Benzin: Audi Synthesizes Its Own Fuel

A short time after synthesizing a diesel equivalent that doesn't use any fossil fuel, Audi has had another breakthrough.

The procedure requires some fine-tuning, but the manufacturer hopes that it will soon be able to produce this gasoline substitute using nothing but water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and the sun’s rays.

Biomass (plant fibre) is currently used to produce the e-benzin, but the manufacturer is hard at work to remove this from the equation to make their fuel carbon-neutral. This new e-fuel is also quite high quality, with a 100 octane rating. And it gets even better: the e-benzin doesn’t contain any sulphur or benzene, which means it’s much less harmful for the environment than traditional fuels.

Audi can’t possibly hope to synthesize enough fuel to rival Shell and Exxon, however this technology has a bright future ahead of it since petrol isn’t an infinite resource. When fuel prices start going back up, this new technology will get more and more appealing.

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