Jeep Will Produce A Rival To The Range Rover

Jeep continues its expansion plan: after bringing the Cherokee and then the Renegade back, the brand continues to make waves on the market as it celebrates the 75th anniversary of the original military Jeep.

During the opening ceremony for a new Maserati/Alfa Romeo dealer, FCA’s CEO Sergio Marchionne announced something quite surprising: he believes that Jeep needs a vehicle to go up against the Land Rover Range Rover… and they’re going to build it.

We already know that the Grand Wagoneer will be making a comeback before 2018, but Mr. Marchionne confirmed that Jeep's engineers are already hard at work building a vehicle that would actually slot-in above this SUV.

For now, the biggest Jeep you can get your hands on is the Grand Cherokee (starting at $40,000, but you can double that for a fully-spec’d model), but Marchionne confirmed that not only would a luxury SUV sell quite well here, it would also be a huge success overseas.

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