Want A Bigger Sound System In Your smart?

Smart’s little fortwo is at its best when it’s in a congested city centre. With its short wheelbase, great visibility and minuscule turning circle, the city car is perfect for working your way through traffic and then parking anywhere its compact dimensions allow it to fit.

The manufacturer just presented a prototype that could appeal to musicians. While the fortwo might not be their first choice because it lacks space, the forgigs concept will appeal to them because of its huge sound system.

Built in partnership with JBL, the concept has no less than 16 speakers, 5 amps and 2 30-centimetre subwoofers fitted inside its small cockpit. Overall, 5,720 watts are available to play your favourite song. With a Mosconi head unit to supervise everything, the car can crank the volume up to 150 decibels while remaining crystal-clear (as an example, your usual rock concert will generate up to 135 decibels, and the threshold before you may incur eardrum damage is 140 decibels).

However, your ears will be happy to know that the car will remain a one-off concept and won’t be sold.

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