This Spring, Manufacturers Are Unveiling... Bicycles?

Typically, the AMG and M names are associated with the highest echelon of German performance vehicles. AMG also has a long-time tradition of partnering with boat builders, but generally speaking, those prestigious badges are associated with 4-wheeled performance.

However, with the sudden arrival of summer, it seems that both divisions decided to swap their V-shaped engines for pedals: BMW and Mercedes-Benz have each launched their own bicycles.

Mercedes-Benz was the first to go, unveiling their GT S; this advanced steed was built in partnership with Rothwild and was designed to go racing. The GT S has a carbon frame, disc brakes, a set of carbon fibre wheels and a multi-shift function which can, as you may have guessed, skip a few gears to help you accelerate faster. Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT, only 100 units will be built and each will sell for around 11,000$.

BMW rolled out their Cruise M-Bike recently. This one is more built for leisure rides, and as such is aimed more towards regular clients: it has an aluminium chassis strengthened with carbon fibre bits formed to resemble a motorbike’s fuel tank, a Shimano shifter kit and a slew of badges useful to remind everyone that you drive (or ride) a BMW M… Production for this bike is capped at 500 units, and they will retail for around $1,165.

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