Limited-Run BMW M4 To Honor 2014 DTM Championship Win

The DTM championship doesn’t have a lot of coverage here, but it is one of the most well-known series on the other side of the Atlantic. The three main German automakers (Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz) race on circuits all over Europe. Drivers race custom-made cars that share little to nothing with their production versions.

This did not stop BMW from launching a commemorative edition of the M4 based on the car Marco Wittmann used to win the 2014 DTM championship. Available in Alpine White only, the car will differ from the regular M4 thanks to a number of cosmetic tweaks:

  • Hood and trunk covered in matte black vinyl
  • Multicoloured stripes on the car, just like Wittmann’s car
  • 19-inch black wheels
  • A complete carbon fibre body kit
  • Carbon fibre mirror covers
  • Orange-stripped kidney grille
  • Number 23 sticker on both doors

Inside, the door sills will be autographed by Marco Wittmann, and carbon fibre appliques will showcase each car’s serial number.

Since there will only be 23 units of the M4 DTM Champion edition, we can expect the vehicle to cost more than the $75,000 asked for the regular M4.

Oh, and it won’t be available in North America.

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