Mercedes-Benz FT 2025: The Truck Of The Future

Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront of the autonomous driving arms race, and they just presented a new vehicle loaded with technology. Contrary to their habit of showcasing the latest tech in the newest S-Class, Mercedes selected a much more common vehicle on our roads: a freight truck.

The manufacturer wanted to show what they think will be the future of the trucking industry, in about a decade. The front of the vehicle may be unsettling at first, but it is not just for aesthetic reasons: under the plastic covers, a full set of LEDs are used to replace regular headlights, indicate when the truck will turn and will show drivers when the truck is in autonomous drive mode by glowing blue. They will turn green if the driver takes manual control of the rig.

To drive itself, the Mercedes-Benz truck is equipped with 3D cameras and radars enabling it to ‘’see’’ not only the road in front of it, but also pedestrians, traffic, bicycles and stationary objects.

Inside, the FT 2025 stays true to Mercedes-Benz’s tradition of luxury and efficiency: a set of screens fed by wide-angle cameras are used as mirrors, there is a detachable touchscreen tablet to increase productivity and a swivel chair for more comfort. The truck also features gorgeous hardwood flooring.

And this vehicle was not just made for show: during last summer, the FT 2025 could be seen roaming sections of the A14 highway, in Germany.

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