Minor Changes For The 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martins are not known to radically change every few years. They keep their models for a long time, steadily improving them over the years.

For 2015, the Vanquish (and its four-door variant, the Rapide S) keep the attributes that made it famous, while updating a few aspects that were long overdue.

The main change is that a new gearbox will be found under the car, an 8-speed unit developed by ZF. With it, the Vanquish is able to shave half a second off its 0-100 time, now taking only 3.6 seconds to climb up to highway speeds. The Rapide S is a bit slower, taking 4.2 seconds to get to the same speed. Due to the longer final ratio, top speed is increased to 322 km/h, and fuel economy is up by 11%.

Other changes are minimal: both cars receive modest gains in power (3 horsepower for the Vanquish, 2 for the Rapide S) due to better management of the exhaust gasses.

Aston Martin will also offer unique wheels for 2015, different colors, and new interior leather and headliner combinations.

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