Smart has to Broaden its Lineup

It should not come as a surprise that smart is not profitable for its owner, Daimler AG. If not for the alliance with Renault (which gave the Fortwo its engine and platform), there would not even be a third-generation smart today.

This time, the designers know that if they want to make any kind of money, they have to broaden their lineup.

First of all, they will modernize their offerings, which means that we will see modern versions of the smart EV and the Fortwo Cabrio. Good news, the Fortwo Brabus is also coming back sometime in the next few years. With the announcement of a manual gearbox and a turbocharged engine, it is possible that the stylish city car will finally have the grunt to match its looks! Then, the brand could unveil more unusual models, like a ragtop Forfour (think Fiat 500 convertible) and maybe a small SUV, which could in turn spawn a little utilitarian pickup…

Whatever they come up with, the brand knows that however good the new Fortwo may be, they will need something else to lure customers into their showroom.

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