Nissan Unleashes the 370Z NISMO at ZDayZ

At the annual ZDayZ event, a yearly festival for Nissan's (and Datsun's) sporty Z coupe, the manufacturer surprised its fans by unveiling the latest NISMO edition 370Z.

NISMO is pretty well known among Nissan aficionados, regularly producing high-performance versions of already fast vehicles, like the R34 Skyline NISMO, the GT-R NISMO as well as the majority of Nissan's race cars.

For the most recent version of the 370Z NISMO, the only changes are cosmetic, since the drivetrain was already pretty good, having being upgraded in the 2014 NISMO Z. This means that the 3.7 L VQ37 engine resides under the hood, pumping out 350 HP. For the first time, buyers can choose between the excellent 6-speed manual gearbox, and the 7-speed automatic transmission, complete with paddle shifters.

The exterior is however quite different from the last car, with new front and rear bumpers, inspired by the GT-R NISMO. LED daytime-running lamps gives a distinct look to the front of the vehicle. NISMO's signature red stripe goes around the car, and a set of 19 inch RAYS wheels complete the visual enhancements.

Nissan also offers the NISMO Tech package, which adds satellite navigation, backup camera, Bose audio system, Sirius satellite radio, and a few other gizmos.

If you want the latest Nissan sport coupe, all you have to choose is the transmission, and the colour you want it in: Solid Red, Magnetic Black, Silver or Pearl White. Your car should arrive in dealerships around July 2014.

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