The Top Ten 2014 Motors According to Ward’s Automotive

This year marks the 20th edition of Ward Automotive’s 10 best engines of the year award. They’ve evaluated 44 engines this year to determine the winner. To be eligible, these power plants must be under the hood of a model sold in the first quarter of 2014.

Engines are judged for their performance at various levels: technological approach, power and torque, sound, competitiveness, consumption and emissions.

The last five winners:

- 2009: 2.0L TFSI turbocharged DOHC 4L (Audi A4 Avant)
- 2010: 2.0L TFSI turbocharged DOHC 4L (Audi A4)
- 2011: 3.0 L TFSI supercharged V6 DOHC (Audi S4)
- 2012: 3.0 L TFSI supercharged V6 DOHC (Audi A6)
- 2013: 3.0 L TFSI supercharged V6 DOHC (Audi S5)

As you can see, over the previous five years, Audi seems to be alone in the universe, winning it all.

The 10 Best Engines 2014:

- 3.0 L TFSI supercharged V6 DOHC (Audi S5)
- 3.0 L inline 6 turbodiesel DOHC (BMW 328i)
- 3.0 L DOHC V6 turbodiesel (RAM 1500 Ecodiesel)
- Electric motor 83 kW (Fiat 500e)
- 1.0 L EcoBoost inline 4 DOHC (Ford Fiesta)
- 2.0 L inline 4 turbodiesel DOHC (Chevrolet Cruze diesel)
- 6.2L V8 OHV (Chevrolet Corvette Stingray)
- 3.5L V6 SOHC (Honda Accord)
- 2.7 L flat 6 Boxer (Porsche Cayman)
- 1.8L inline 4 turbo DOHC (Volkswagen Jetta)

For 2014, the 10 Best Engines of the Year award includes:

- Five six-cylinder engines
- Three four-cylinder engines
- A V8 engine
- An electric motor

For the seventh consecutive year, the prize goes to an engine designed by Audi.

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