Fear Not, Manual Fans: Canadian Subaru Legacy Will Feature A 6-Speed

When the 2015 Subaru Legacy was unveiled at last week's Chicago Auto Show, there was an uproar amongst brand loyalists that the mid-size sedan would now be available exclusively with a continuously-variable automatic transmission.  By extension, it seemed as though the upcoming Subaru Outback - which will be revealed at the New York Auto Show in April - would also pare last year's six-speed manual from the equipment list.

While it's true that American drivers will no longer be able to take joy in shifting a Legacy sedan themselves, Canadian manual transmission lovers have been given a reprieve: the six-speed manual will continue to be available with the Subaru Legacy's entry-level 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine for 2015.  A source at Subaru Canada confirmed this information earlier this week, and while he wasn't able to offer the same assurances regarding the Outback, there's a strong chance that the next-generation model will follow-suit.

You can thank the strong take-rate amongst Canadians for the Legacy's manual gearbox for this advantage over the American-spec car.

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