Saleen to Develop Electric Car

World renowned vehicle tuner Saleen is known for its high-performance creations including Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Challengers and other U.S. models. The company is now planning to sink its teeth into a vehicle with an electric motor.

Steve Saleen, the owner of the company, recently declared that its electric car would be developed using the popular Tesla Model S. The Model S sedan is currently the electric car which has the longest range in the world. No further details on the project are available at this time other than it will not be a supercar for the mega-rich but rather a more affordable car with broader appeal to consumers.

"We recognize that electric cars are a trend, not a fad and expect this vehicle category to continue to increase as an automotive option for consumers," said Steve Saleen. "We intend to enter this market with an offering that is truly innovative and offers the styling and craftsmanship associated with the Saleen Automotive brand."

A successor to the S7 supercar called the S8 is also in development at Saleen.

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