Mazda Brings the Rotary Motor Back

The Japanese automaker had produced cars with rotary engines between 1968 and 2011. Since then, it was believed that the engineers at Mazda had turned the page on developing rotary engines.

Rotary fans rejoice because Mazda intends to develop an extended-range electric car with the assistance of a small rotary engine.

The car used for testing is a Mazda Demio, commonly known as Mazda2 on our shores.

A Smart Approach

The prototype electric motor delivers 102 horsepower which is powered by a battery under the floor.

To extend the battery life, a small rotary engine of only 330cc under the floor generates 30 horsepower.

According to the manufacturer, the car will have a range of 200 kilometers in all-electric mode and double that in combined mode.

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