German Cars Among Least Reliable: Study

A new study in the U.K. will have German car fans up in arms. According Warranty Direct, a leading supplier of direct warranties with over 50,000 policies, engine failure is much more prevalent in Audis, BMWs and Volkswagens compared to popular Japanese and North American brands.

Among the most reliable in the survey were engines from Honda, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.

A counter argument might be made that direct warranty providers often cover cars where the manufacturer’s warranty has expired and therefore newer car buyers should pay less attention to these types of surveys.

Still, for many of the top German brands to be among the least reliable is sure to ruffle some feathers.

Take a look at the full list below:

Engine reliability - top 10 brands

1. Honda (failure rate: 1 in 344)
2. Toyota (failure rate: 1 in 171)
3. Mercedes-Benz (failure rate: 1 in 119)
4. Volvo (failure rate: 1 in 111)
5. Jaguar (failure rate: 1 in 103)
6. Lexus (failure rate: 1 in 101)
7. Fiat (failure rate: 1 in 85)
8. Ford (failure rate: 1 in 80)
9. Nissan (failure rate: 1 in 76)
10. Land Rover (failure rate: 1 in 72)

Engine reliability - bottom 10 brands

1. MG Rover (failure rate: 1 in 13)
2. Audi (failure rate: 1 in 27)
3. Mini (failure rate: 1 in 40)
4. Saab (failure rate: 1 in 40)
5. Vauxhall (failure rate: 1 in 41)
6. Peugeot (failure rate: 1 in 44)
7. BMW (failure rate: 1 in 45)
8. Renault (failure rate: 1 in 46)
9. Volkswagen (failure rate: 1 in 52)
10. Mitsubishi (failure rate: 1 in 59)

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