VIA Motors Turns GM Trucks Into Plugin Hybrids

GM boss Bob Lutz is backing a company that just started production at its assembly plant in Mexico. The plant builds range-extended electric trucks out of existing GM models.

Called VIA Motors, it has the capacity to assemble up to 10,000 trucks per year. That may sound ambitious for a fledgling company but fuel savings on otherwise gas-guzzling trucks may prove in large demand.

The trucks retain 4.3-litre V6 gasoline engines but get the added power and range from a 402 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque electric motor. In addition, a 24 kWh battery pack provides enough power for 55-65 kilometres of all-electric driving.

Dr. Fernando Teranzo, governor of San Luis Potozi where VIA's plant is, characterizes the drive as "smooth, quiet and powerful".

Source: Motor Authority

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