Tesla Model S is Safest Car Ever Tested in the U.S.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently tested the Tesla Model S and, according the company, the Model S obtained a record-breaking 5.4 stars.

Ordinarily the maximum rating is five stars however the NHTSA sends manufacturers what is called a Vehicle Safety Score which can be above 5. By scoring perfect in every category and combining the rating form the Vehicle Safety Score, Tesla calculates it’s overall rating is 5.4 stars and higher than any vehicle ever tested in the United States.

Approximately one percent of all cars tested by the federal government achieve 5 stars across the board.  The Model S has the advantage in the front of not having a large gasoline engine block, thus creating a much longer crumple zone to absorb a high speed impact.

“Of note, during validation of Model S roof crush protection at an independent commercial facility, the testing machine failed at just above 4 g's. While the exact number is uncertain due to Model S breaking the testing machine, what this means is that at least four additional fully loaded Model S vehicles could be placed on top of an owner's car without the roof caving in. This is achieved primarily through a center (B) pillar reinforcement attached via aerospace grade bolts,” the company said in a press release.

The news comes as the Electric car maker reported better than expected earnings for the second quarter and is planning to release new models, including the Model-X SUV, in the near future.

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