Cadillac Recalls 19,871 SRX Crossovers For Lug Nut Issue

Another day, another recall, with this week filling up with safety actions from major automakers. This time it's Cadillac, which is concerned about the security of the lug nuts installed on the 2013 Cadillac SRX mid-size crossover.  The SRX lug nuts are vulnerable to a loosening of their Teflon coating, which in a worst case scenario could lead to a wheel separating from the vehicle.

So far no accidents have been caused by the problem, which according to GM is far more likely to manifest in the form of vibrations through the steering wheel or unwanted rattling sounds while the SRX is underway.  19,871 vehicles in total are affected by the recall, which will be eligible to have their lug nuts replaced starting June 3.a

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