No Rolls-Royce SUV On The Way

Fear not, ultra-luxury fans: Rolls-Royce has told Autocar that it won't be building the sport-utility vehicle that traditionalists had feared was a done deal for the British brand.  With cousin Bentley having already unveiled an SUV concept (that was unanimously reviled by the automotive press), it seemed a sure thing that Rolls-Royce would be forced to move in the same direction in order to remain competitive amongst the well-heeled buyers that make up its stable.

Rolls-Royce's CEO correctly pointed out that an SUV bearing the Spirit of Ecstasy on its hood would fly in the face of decades of tradition, and that the company was in no way even considering such a vehicle.  It also doesn't hurt Rolls-Royce doesn’t currently possess enough production capacity to churn out an SUV alongside its existing lineup.  Instead, the next Rolls-Royce model to hit the market will be a drop-top version of the gorgeous Rolls-Royce Wraith that was unveiled earlier this spring at the New York International Auto Show.

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