Latest James Bond Movie Sees Aston Martin DB5 Return

If you're a car buff and a movie fan, then you know that although he may have toyed with Lotuses and BMWs in the past, there is only one brand that has truly earned the title of Bond's car: Aston Martin. 

And if you really know your stuff, you know that not because of Daniel Craig's recent penchant for killing DBS', but rather for Sean Connery's ability to make a DB5 look absolutely, impeccably, impossibly cool. So, now that the latest Bond movie, Skyfall is slated to feature the same car, director Sam Mendes (of American Beauty, Jarhead, and Road to Perdition fame) and producer Michael Wilson have stepped in front of the camera at the Skyfall videoblog to talk about what it was like bringing perhaps the most iconic Bond character ever back on set. Watch it here.

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