2013 Lexus LS teased... for one last time!

If you're fabulously wealthy and want to enjoy what will probably be the most meticulously designed and assembled luxury car in the world, you will find the following statement to be of interest: Lexus is debuting a new Lexus LS for the 2013 model year. However, that's about all that can be said about it right now, as Lexus has been incredibly tight-lipped about any details. Most critics agree that the model lineup will continue to include the long-wheelbase variant (this latest teaser photo seems to illustrate the long wheelbase version), as well as both hybrid and traditionally powered versions, but what engines and transmissions are to be used are still up in the air. Additionally, after spy photographers captured a similarly shaped mule lapping the 'ring with all manner of test equipment, many also believe an F-sport model to be in the wind, as well. Of course, no one will need to wonder for much longer, as the car is scheduled to be formally revealed on Monday, June 30th. 

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