Once-Stale Corvette Sales Enjoy Slight Rise

America’s sports car, much like the country it so well represents, hasn’t been doing so well as of late. Although universally praised as a great performance bargain comparable to cars costing substantially more, the C6 Corvette has become a victim of its environment; an environment marked by astronomical fuel prices and an economic recession.

With sales that once totaled over 36,000 vehicles annually, Corvette sales of late have fallen to just a third of that figure; bad news for Bow Tie fans. But somehow, amidst the clamour of politicians begging citizens to “Buy American” and the deliriously resuscitated economy, the Corvette has managed to rise phoenix-like from the ashes. Seeing a sudden and surprising 13% rise in the previous two months, Corvette sales almost eclipsed the 1,000 mark for January and February alone, leaving one to wonder what the warmer months may bring for the long-in-the-tooth sports car.

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