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  1. First Drives 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG 4Matic 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG 4Matic: Can’t Wait Until Autumn

    FARO, Portugal – In a few months, Mercedes-Benz is going to scratch the C400 from its catalogue, even though this sedan has only been offered for a year. How does that make you feel? Sad? Shocked? Disappointed? Were you saving your money to buy one? Well, take comfort, even rejoice, … Full story

    Rating : 4.5/5

    Filed in: Mercedes-Benz | C Class

  2. First Drives The 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon provides flat-roof fiends with their family fix. 2015 Volkwagen Golf Sportwagon: The SUV Antidote

    Have you ever looked at the Volkswagen Golf hatchback and thought 'it's simply not practical enough?' Probably not - but just in case, you'll be happy to learn that the redesigned Golf has gained an all-new wagon model that pushes its hauling possibilities past those of most compact SUVs. The … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Volkswagen | Golf

  3. First Drives The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve circuit. 2015 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S: A Queen Is Born?

    Faro, Portugal – With the electronic key warm and cozy at the bottom of my pocket, I scanned the rows of meticulously aligned cars and found the C 63 S whose disproportionately wide German plates bore the inscription “S CW 6304.” The S stands for Stuttgart, where the grand-daddy of … Full story

    Rating : 4.5/5

    Filed in: Mercedes-Benz | C Class

  4. First Drives The silhouette is more refined and the front air intake is bigger. 2016 Kia Sorento: Mature and Consistent

    When Kia first entered the Canadian market, the Korean automaker didn’t have much in its line up. In fact, it only had the Sephia sedan and the Sportage, a small SUV—and both were truly awful in all respects. Fortunately, new models came in as reinforcements pretty soon afterward, significantly enhancing … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Kia | Sorento

  5. First Drives 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe XL in front of Le Massif and the Saint-François River. 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe XL: A Test Drive In My (Snowy) Backyard

    Considering that this winter I’ve driven SUVs in Iceland ( Land Rover Discovery Sport ) and Sweden ( Porsche Cayenne GTS and Turbo S ), I was really happy to test the Hyundai Santa Fe XL closer to home in Quebec’s gorgeous Charlevoix region. The Santa Fe line is split … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Hyundai | Santa Fe

  6. First Drives Gabriel Gélinas drifting at the Skelleftea Driving Center. 2016 Porsche Cayenne GTS and Turbo S: Dynamic And Exclusive

    While the 911 Carrera is the undisputed belle of the ball at Porsche, the Cayenne is the brand’s top earner. It’s a veritable cash cow for the German manufacturer, with more than 600,000 Cayennes sold since it first hit the market. It now comes in several variations, including the most … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Porsche | Cayenne

  7. First Drives Nice-looking and competent in winter despite relatively low ground clearance, the CLA 250 4Matic should quickly eclipse the basic 250 in terms of sales. Mercedes-Benz B 250 4Matic and CLA 250 4Matic: Snow Class

    It was in the wintriest of conditions that Mercedes-Benz convened journalists earlier this week to test drive the new B 250 4Matic and CLA 250 4Matic. For your information, these two cars share the same chassis and mechanical components. They first appeared on the market as front-wheel drive versions, but even then … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Mercedes-Benz | CLA Class | B Class

  8. First Drives Style-wise, the 2015 Murano is heavily inspired by the Resonance concept that was presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2014. 2015 Nissan Murano: Gotta Love Its Style!

    After it was introduced in 2003, the Nissan Murano quickly made a name for itself among intermediate SUVs. People loved its modern lines and exhilarating ride. The second generation didn’t have it as easy, mostly due to the increase in competition from other manufacturers. The Rogue and the Juke were … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Nissan | Murano

  9. First Drives 2016 Audi TT 2016 Audi TT: Audi’s Tantalising, Topless TT Twins

    A brief, daylong interlude in Majorca, Spain, promised to be a welcome break from the frigid grip of winter in Canada. The fleeting journey to the Balearic Islands was made even sweeter because I was going to test drive a convertible roadster, which is always a treat, especially when the … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Audi | TT

  10. First Drives It's hard not to feel as though the Golf R is more of a GT car sized-down than merely a still-faster version of the GTI. 2015 Volkswagen Golf R: GT, Not GTI

    The 2015 Volkswagen Golf R isn't just the most powerful version of the popular compact hatchback to be loosed on Canadian streets, but it's also the most refined. Depending on your point of view, this is either a good or a bad thing: gone is the rawness of Golf R's … Full story

    Rating : 4.0/5

    Filed in: Volkswagen | Golf R

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