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  1. A look back at gasoline prices in 2016 - Concerns in Montreal, rejoicing in Quebec City
  2. Gas Fuel Economy Numbers for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    Chrysler recently unveiled their newest minivan at the Detroit Auto Show. Instead of being dubbed the Town & Country, it shall now be known as the Pacifica. Among the numerous upgrades that were touted, one of the most important concerns the drivetrain, as a plug-in hybrid version is now offered. Full story

  3. Gas Majority Of Canadians Optimistic Low Gas Prices Will Continue In 2016

    A majority of Canadians think current relatively low retail gas prices will continue through next year, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) research reveals. Only a third of Canadians (34%) believe gas prices will rise in 2016, while 56% say they will either stay the same or decline even further, the survey … Full story

  4. Gas Diesel Honda Civic Beats Fuel Consumption Record

    As you probably know, we don’t have the same Honda Civic as the one sold in Europe. Not only is theirs offered with a frugal little diesel engine, but it also has a wagon version. Honda says that under ideal conditions, the diesel-powered Civic Tourer can sip fuel at a … Full story

  5. Gas OPEC Wants To Raise Oil Prices

    As OPEC member nations plan to meet in order to decide production levels for the next six months, many countries are expressing concern that the low price of oil is hurting their budgets. They want to see the price of the barrel of oil go back up to something “reasonable” … Full story

  6. Gas E-Benzin: Audi Synthesizes Its Own Fuel

    A short time after synthesizing a diesel equivalent that doesn't use any fossil fuel, Audi has had another breakthrough. The procedure requires some fine-tuning, but the manufacturer hopes that it will soon be able to produce this gasoline substitute using nothing but water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and the sun’s rays. Full story

  7. Gas Audi Now Makes Its Own Diesel

    It seems that Audi is working on cleaning up the rap sheet of the most polluting car fuel. After building a research center for e-diesel (a renewable resource created artificially) last November, the Ingolstadt firm has announced that the very first batch of their green diesel (though it’s not green … Full story

  8. Gas 2020 Olympic Games: Tokyo Will Be Hydrogen Powered

    Ever since the announcement that the 2020 Summer Olympic Games would be held in Tokyo, the Japanese city has been working hard to make sure that they will be as perfect as can be. To do this, the metropolis will build modern infrastructure so that it will be able to … Full story

  9. Gas Diesel Mazda6: Still In The Cards, But…

    As soon as we heard about Mazda’s plan to launch a diesel-powered Mazda6, we were ecstatic: the midsize sedan is already dominating its segment, so a hyper-frugal version would cement its position at the top of the food chain. The original release was planned for 2013. We are now in … Full story

  10. Gas New Tax On Large Displacement Engine

    Earlier this week, Quebec’s government surprised us by lowering the price of renewing our driver’s license: starting next year, we will pay around $65 less for the privilege of driving on our well-maintained roads. However, before running to the nearest shop to spend those saved dollars, you would be well-advised … Full story

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