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Toyota Highlander


$33,890 – $54,905

Fuel efficiency

7.2 - 11.5 l/100 km

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The Toyota Highlander presents families with a seven-passenger crossover SUV solution that is available with or without all-wheel drive. Although a 185-hp four-cylinder model is available, the Highlander's optional 270-hp V6 is a much better match for its size and weight (each are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission). Maximum fuel savings are achieved by way of the Highlander Hybrid gasoline/electric edition of the SUV, which also features all-wheel drive as standard equipment.

Green light

  • Well-known reliability
  • Good visibility
  • Can hold up to eight passengers
  • Generous factory standard equipment
  • Tried and true mechanics

Red light

  • Costly options
  • Central screen distracting
  • Undesirable 19-inch tires
  • Third row seating difficult to access

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