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Mazda CX-7


$28,190 – $38,385

Fuel efficiency

7.2 - 12.2 l/100km

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The Mazda CX-7 is back for 2012 with no significant changes. Once again, it features a 2.3L turbo, the same one that equips the powerful MazdaSpeed3. Recently, Mazda also made the CX-7 available with a turbo-free 2.5L 4-cylinder that offers substantial fuel economy. With the GS and GT versions get AWD, the GX is only available with 2WD.

Green light

  • Thrilling ride
  • Effective AWD system
  • Nice style
  • Meticulous passenger compartment

Red light

  • Limited cargo space
  • Super gasoline (turbo engine)
  • AWD not available in all versions
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