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Lévy Honda

5035 Louis H.-Lafontaine
Lévis QC
G6V 8X4
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Honda Tests and Features

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  1. Top 10 Each year, the Canadian Black Book publish a list of the car that retained the best value over the year. They evaluate cars that came out in 2010, and compare the initial MSRP with the average asking price today. Top 10 Cars With the Best Resale Value

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  2. Comparative Tests Some of the cars tested during the comparison test The Top Seven Compact Cars

    Not only are compact cars increasingly popular in our market, but this segment is constantly evolving. To prove the point, we decided to assess—and compare—the seven most popular compacts. This time, we took a simpler approach than usual and tried to simulate a real vehicle purchase. Form and function The … Full story

  3. Best buys 2014 Best Buys: Mid-Size Sedans

    While mid-size sedans were once extremely popular in Quebec, today drivers in our province prefer compact cars. That said, this market is still very vibrant—and lucrative—in the rest of Canada and the United States. Our top pick in the mid-size sedan category is the 2014 Mazda6, which is not only … Full story

  4. First Drives The front bumper has been modified to give the car a more dynamic look. 2014 Honda Civic Coupe: Little Details That Go a Long Way

    Honda is very proud of the Civic’s success on the Canadian market. Not only is this compact revered for its overall value, it’s Canada’s top-selling vehicle for the 16th consecutive year. It goes without saying that Honda is doing whatever it can to hold onto this title. When the new … Full story

  5. Top 10 #10: Audi Q7. This full-size SUV was introduced for the 2007 model year and has undergone virtually no changes at all except for the addition of LED daytime running lights and taillights in 2009. Top Ten 2014 Cars in Need of a Refresh

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  6. Top 10 Jaguar F-Type: It’s still too soon to say whether it will be reliable or successful – especially given its hefty price – but this car sure is pretty! Top 10 Most Successful Vehicles of 2013

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