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Infiniti Plotting 530 Horsepower G Coupe

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When the IPL lineup launched a while ago with the G37 IPL, the common criticism was that the sharply-dressed coupe provides buyers with little more than precisely that: a sharply dressed coupe. Stiffly sprung, fancily painted, and somewhat underwhelming, the IPL just doesn't match up against the M, AMG, and even F-prepared cars. 

However, according to a rumour, Infiniti has some big plans for the next generation G coupe that sound quite capable of erasing the previous IPL's less-than-impressive first impression. Although it's still two years away, a source close to the car's development process has cited the creation of a new 530 horsepower, direct-injected, twin-turbocharged 3.7 litre V6 for inclusion in the next IPL version of the G coupe. Apparently, the engine will be produced in Japan alongside the similarly ferocious Nissan GT-R, and the vehicle it's intended to go into will be priced roughly alongside the GT-R, which means an expected price tag north of $100,000 here in Canada. 

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