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Audi to Purchase Ducati

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If there's one area in which Audi has never been able to hold a candle to their rival, BMW, it's been on two wheels. Having long fought tooth and nail with the historic Bavarian brand to win over as many new car buyers as possible, Audi has been forced to sit back and watch as BMW successfully integrated their automotive and motorcycle lines like no manufacturer ever has. But, if the rumours are to be believed, that might not be the case for much longer. 

Ducati, one of the world's most historic and respected motorcycle manufacturers, may end up becoming the latest in the Audi stable of brands that already includes fellow Italian marque Lamborghini. Currently owned by Investindustrial, Ducati will apparently come with a $1.1 billion dollar price tag attached, a figure that is roughly sevenfold that of Ducati's earnings last year. Certainly a large enough number to give cause for pause, the acquisition would provide the VW group with a viable competitor to BMW's successful line of motorbikes, but would do nothing to help advance automotive technologies like it's Lamborghini and Bugatti lines do. 

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