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Mercedes-Benz at the New York Auto Show

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG is expected to make a big splash at the New York Auto Show.

This superb convertible coupe joins three Mercedes SUVs that have also just undergone an exterior facelift and had their interiors revamped.

These vehicles all feature a new front treatment, styled after the ML. Some have also had their front fender and headlamps redesigned for more aggressive look.

The interiors have been refreshed with new materials as well as other improvements, including upgrades to the dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG
To every rule, there is an exception. In addition to the new 2013 SUVs, Mercedes-Benz plans on unveiling the 65 AMG version of its SL convertible coupe at the New York Auto Show. A spunkier version of the SL 63 AMG (which only produces 518 horsepower), the 65 AMG will deliver no less than 630 horsepower thanks to its 6.0L twin turbo V12 and 7G-Tronic transmission.

2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Instead of proceeding with a complete overhaul, Mercedes-Benz opted to tweak its G-Class SUV, whose exterior lines have changed very little over the last 33 years. The headlamps and tail lights are now paired with a strip of LED daytime running lights. The dashboard gets the biggest improvements, including the latest multimedia technologies.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Unlike the little GLK, the hefty Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, which was first sold in 2006, has undergone a major transformation for 2013. At first glance, it looks something like a stretched ML. This second generation will also be available with a hybrid engine.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class
This angular mid-generation SUV has had its style updated after four years of loyal service. The front fender on this vehicle is the closest in appearance to the one on the ML. Inside, you’ll note that the central console layout has changed and the air vents are now round. The 2013 edition of the GLK will be available with a BlueTec diesel engine.

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